Synthetic Turf


Flash is made of a monofilament, single extruded fibre, with a section characterized by a central reinforced thickening, designed to ensure resilience, durability and keep game performance at its best.The turf is made with 100% latest generation Polyethylene yarn composed by 6 filaments of 345 micron each, in two shades of green; anti-abrasive treated and with special anti UV treatments.The quality of the polymers and the particular yarn extrusion technology guarantee : game comfort, high performance, reduced abrasion coefficient, constant return of the fibre to its vertical position.The special treatment applied to the yarn allows a reduced light refraction and excellent game performance even in bad weather conditions.The permeability of the turf is guaranteed by special holes, made during the final stage of processing, which are positioned regularly on the support and which allow rainwater to flow below the turf facilitating drainage.


Itagem is the product range of artificial turf for multisport fields, that is, for all those “multipurpose” activities that have always used artificial turf. Characterized by its yarn – 100% polyethylene and fibrillated – Itagem is the first artificial turf to be used for small and medium-sized fields, thus becoming synonymous with durability and reliability. Over the years, its fibrillated yarn has proved to be an excellent solution, with playing surfaces lasting above average, even through of high use of the fields and reduced maintenance. Itagem is technologically advanced because designed for prolonged stresses over time.


Synthetic grass for gardens: advantages. For those who have always wanted a beautiful garden to see and at the same time simple to care for, find in ITALIFE the answer to their needs.The synthetic grass for the garden is in fact the first choice of those who have always wanted a green lawn without end and, above all, without having the obligation of constant maintenance.For this reason, ITALIFE is the product of the ITASPORT Landscape range perfect for terraces, verandas but also mini golf and for any outdoor space where it is difficult to grow a beautiful garden.


Kickstart PLUS is our solution for a performance yarn in a single product for 5-a side, 7-a-side, 8-a side football , suitable for latest generation artificial turf sports coverings, height from mm. 40 to mm 60, with a 12,000 dtex and 350 micron polyethylene monofilament, in two new shades of Lime green and Dark green! The product can be purchased with a “customized weaving” moreover Kickstart plus can be produced with a higher density of points up to 12,000 per square meter


For those who want to have a garden that is as natural as possible, remedying the many problems natural grass can have, Luxury is the excellence of artificial landscape grass.Thanks to the Eco Next technology, Luxury is the top of the range for private gardens, dehors and for all those green spaces where you want to have a lawn which is long-lasting and above all looks well-kept.


Notix is the artificial turf for tennis and padel courts, ideal for those who do not want to lose the unique performance of the game.Also available in polyethylene, Notix like all ITASPORT products has excellent resistance to wear and tear. This means that the turf is perfectly suitable to last over time even if subjected to intense performance.This artificial turf used for tennis courts and paddle courts, is definitely an investment: in addition to being an exceptional, practical and affordable coating, it is also easy to care for and maintain.

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